Tile Quilt


This simple block creates the above wonderful quilt design. This pattern is for 4 in finished blocks.


For this quilt you need 4 fabrics....2 lights and 2 darks.
Sorry I don't have the yardage, I pulled from my stash!
Yellow -- Fabric A
Red -- Fabric B
Print -- Fabric C
Green -- Fabric D

This block in a basic 4 patch surrounded by strips, built log cabin fashion. The last "log" is strip pieced from Fabric D and Fabric A before adding to the block.

Each fabric will be cut into 1 1/2" strips EXCEPT Fabric D. For each 1-1/2" strip of Fabric D ALSO CUT one 3-3/4" strip.

I've found that 1-1/2" by Width of Fabric will give you approx 25 four patch blocks.

Sew strip of Fabric A to 3-3/4" strip of Fabric D...press towards D...cut into 1-1/2" pieces and set aside.

Sew strip of Fabric A to 1-1/2" strip of Fabric D, press towards D.

Sew strip of Fabric B to strip of Fabric C, press towards B.

Take these to your cutting board, lay the 2 pieces right sides together, matching the seams.....cut into 1-1/2" pieces and sew to create the 4 patch. I stop to press and square the blocks at this point.

Then take a strip of Fabric A to the sewing machine and place it face up under the presser foot. Place a 4 patch face down so the seam will be sewed along Fabrics A and B. Chain sew in this fashion. Cut these apart and press open.

Sew Fabric strips B and C in the same fashion.

The last log will be added using the pieces of Fabric A and D mentioned earliar....match the seam lines for a perfect fit.

Press and square the blocks.

That's it in a nutshell.

This picture was sent in by Cher Smith

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